10 convincing facts to sell your office cleaning service

Meet Dr. Charles Gerba, an American microbiologist who focuses on raising public awareness to germs or microbes. He explains how microbes operate in a crowded environment and how effective cleaning and infection control measures can lessen their harmful effects.

Dr. Gerba addresses the fact that we avoid dirt well, but that it’s become harder to avoid germs as they have evolve and become smarter. It’s these invisible e-coli, MRSA etc. that commercial cleaning company needs to tackle but often times fail to address in their marketing pitch.

With smarter buyers and increased competition, company owners could use the facts to “step up their game” and bag more business.

Here are 10 convincing facts that could help you create a better sales pitch to those looking for a professional office or commercial cleaning company

  1. 80% of all the infectious diseases you get are transmitted through the environment, i.e. the surface you touch, breathing etc. Think staff sickness here!
  2. Workspaces have become more crowded and if you share your workspace you share other peoples’ microbes
  3. By statistics, the average adult puts their finger in their nose about 16 times per hour, children 80 times and hour (if you are cleaning schools etc.)
  4. The average office contains 20,961 microbes per square inch
  5. Most people don’t clean their office desk, which is capable of supporting some 10 million microbes.
  6. Other major home for germs are the office phone which have over 25,000 microbes per square inches desktop and computer keyboards over 3000 microbes per square inch.
  7. 20 times more bacteria are in classrooms than other workspace and daycare centre have the most bacteria. Offering steam-cleaning techniques is a great sales pitch as its environmentally friendly, harmless to kids and is known to kill 99.99% of bacteria
  8. Disinfecting desk in a school could decrease student absenteeism by 50%.
  9. According to Brad Reynolds of Kimberly-Clark Professional’s Healthy Workplace Project, diligent washing, wiping and sanitizing can help office workers reduce their rates of cold, flu and stomach illness by up to 80%.
  10. Finally here are the top areas where viruses could potentially be transferred leading to staff sickness and absenteeism.

• Bathroom sink faucet handles
• Microwave door handles
• Keyboards
• Refrigerator door handles
• Water fountain buttons
• Computer mice
• Desk phones
• Coffee pots and dispensers
• Vending machine buttons

Obviously you are the expert in your line of cleaning business, so I will allow you to combine the facts with your techniques. Happy selling and I hope you will create better sales copy for your website in 2018.


Read more: The 6 Dirtiest Places in the Office | TIME.com http://healthland.time.com/2012/05/24/the-6-dirtiest-places-in-the-office/#ixzz2umpFVl2M



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