Customer Service – The Cornerstone of a Cleaning Business.

Let’s face it, almost any company has customer service high up its list of business objectives, but when you are operating a cleaning service, it absolutely has to be one of the top priorities. When someone employs a cleaner, they are expecting an end result that will leave them fully satisfied and it is the one aspect of a home that is an absolute – if the client can see residual dirt and stains then it is not clean, and that will, unfortunately, leave as much of a lasting impression as a sparkling home will.
This means that a full clean – and no nasty surprises – is you’re your absolute minimum standard for a client’s premises; it what the client expects, so to achieve that standard will leave the client satisfied, but satisfied enough to for them to recommend you? To ensure that, you need to maximise your services and make your company stand out.
There are a number of ways that you can increase satisfaction and your customer perception, and thereby gain a reputation as a friendly but professional service, and the most fundamental tip has to be just that – always be friendly, but always be professional too.

Listen to your clients and note their specific needs. Add a personal touch to your clients by finding out what their preferences are and making sure that you really focus on those. But you can also impress by going a step further than normal cleaning and asking the client if they would like bedding changes, or cleaning glass doors that would normally be chargeable by other companies. After your first visit, or even just an enquiry, leave a business card and a full list of your services, together with any special offers that you can supply them.
If you have a new client, take round a spray of flowers to brighten a living room but be careful to subtly point out that it is a one off by also leaving vouchers for other extended cleaning services that you offer, and state that it is an introductory gift. Your client will be delighted that you have gone the extra mile, and will be more likely to use your services in future simply to be able to redeem the vouchers.
The handy guide from Domestic Cleaning Agency Start-up and Support system is packed with many more hints and ideas about how to deliver an outstanding service to your clients. If you can delight your clients, you are almost assured of repeat custom.

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