How to Seamlessly Collect Payment from your Domestic Cleaning Services Clients.

In the past, you would invoice your customers, and they would pay by bank transfer or direct debit. These days in the era of contactless payment, Uber cars and PayPal, your clients need more options. Here are some ways to make your service stand out from the crowd with various online payment options.

Send an Invoice via PayPal

This would require you to set-up a Paypal account, and if you operate as a business, you can open one in the name of your business. Once you go through all the verification processes, you can issue invoices to your clients. You do this by following the Tools Tab and then the option -Invoicing. You can then create an invoice and send by email to your customers. They will be able to pay you using PayPal as well.

Do remember that you have to send money manually from PayPal to your bank account though. The process isn’t automatic. You can do this via the Transfer Money option.


Use Paypal to collect payments for cleaning services

Use PayPal to collect payments for cleaning services

Send an invoice by Online Invoicing: WaveApp

The Wave App is also a great online invoicing tool that also exists as a Mobile app. Like PayPal, it gives you the option to create invoices and send to your clients. They will also be able to pay directly online. The added benefit with the Wave App is that you can use it as an accounting software for your business.

This is where you sync all your business accounts and track all your spending. It gives an excellent overview of your finances and its free to use. The mobile app lets your track travel and other out of pocket expenses also which is quite handy to keep on top of your accounting.

Money paid through this software is paid directly into your Stripe account, so they never hold your money as a 3rd party service.


Use Waveapps to collect payments for cleaning services

Use WaveApps to collect payments for cleaning services

Receive Payment via Stripe

Stripe is the new kid on the block, but it does the same thing like PayPal. It’s quite convenient for clients regarding payment because it’s more mobile friendly. This means that customers can make Payment by using a code sent to their Mobile phone. Most cleaning booking platforms and other service business uses Stripe for this reason. The added advantage over Paypal is that they automatically pay your money into your bank account at a pre-determined time.


Use Stripe to collect payments for cleaning services

Use Stripe to collect payments for cleaning services

Sell Services via Website

In some cases, you could test out the option of selling pre-packaged services. I have seen more conventional agencies who’ve included the option for clients to buy cleaning services. This, of course, will need a more sophisticated website with an inbuilt shopping cart- perhaps with some level of programming. However, if you feel that this may benefit your audience- you could test it out. If you just starting out, perhaps leave this option out for now until you get to understand your market a little better.

At the end of the day, it’s all about giving clients the options so they can choose the one that suits them the best. Another thing to bear in mind is that these services will charge you a small fee and that you’ll also have to work out how you will pay your self-employed cleaners. At this stage, you can sign up to all mentioned above and test them for yourself. I would love to hear what you use to collect Payment for your business. 

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