How to retain your clients

Here’s a worrying statistic; the average established business, loses something around twenty percent of their customers every year by failing to keep good customer relations. By treating your customers without the proper respect you can stand to lose a fifth of you hard won business, and that means that you not only need to replace those customers but find more too if you have any hope of growing your business. Losing customers is plainly bad for business, but you can forgo those problems by paying attention to a few issues and stop problems for ever starting. Below are some of the best and most simple strategies to help you keep your customers.

Customer relations is as important to your business as actually carrying out the work they request, and by delivering extraordinary service, you build a mind-set of going the extra mile with your customer, and that becomes a powerful part of your business.   Providing your customer with consistent quality of service, but also being ready to react to their needs will mark your company out as one that they will want to keep.

Interact with your customers to understand how you can do more for them. That can be as simple as asking them what other services they need and looking how best you can supply those too. They may require something that you do not have the equipment for, such as outside window cleaning on the first and second floor and for which you would need to buy extra equipment, but it becomes a worthwhile investment as you are then the company that can supply all of their needs, rather than only some of them.

Build a database of your customers and populate it with information that will help you deliver a first class service. That can include all of their cleaning requirements, but also personal information that will mark your company out as one that cares. Find out the date of the managers birthday and send a card. Do the same for Christmas and perhaps send a small gift such as a bottle of wine too. You are aiming to build a long term relationship with your clients, and the little touches such as remembering important dates that show your clients that you are more than just doing a job. The personal touch makes customers feel valued and important.

DCASSS can help you with strategies for customer retention. The DCASSS guide has lots of helpful information on how you can not only secure customers but also deliver the best service but retain them too, and that is s sure-fire way of growing your company.

Please share any ideas that you use in your own business to retain your clients.

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