Discover How to Start Your Own Domestic Cleaning Business in the UK.

FACT #1: There are 450,000 people working in the private sector and there are more than 3,400 cleaning businesses in operation in the UK … AND the industry is forecast to grow by 3% over those figures by the end of this year.

FACT #2: The Telegraph recently reported that “a million more people are employing a cleaner compared with a decade ago, as increasingly busy workers decide they need to pay for domestic help.


Here’s just some of what The Domestic Cleaning Agency Start-up & Support System (DCASSS) contains:

  • #1. Marketing E-book

    You’ll learn with easy step-by-step instructions how to use social media, SEO, PPC, leaflet distribution and much more to market – and grow – your business.

  • #2. Planning Worksheet

    We’ve broken down and simplified the entire process. Just follow our simple steps to seamlessly take control of your branding and your business and marketing planning

  • #3. Q & A’s

    Our Q&A’s highlight how real life scenarios within cleaning businesses are dealt with on a daily basis. This is your chance to glance over the shoulders of successful business owners.

  • #4. Resource List

    You’ll have immediate access to the resources you need to grow your business. That means no frustrating Internet searches and no costly trial and error.

  • #5. Factsheets

    It’s imperative that you do things right and remain on the right side of the law, so we’ve included professional factsheets covering everything from health and safety to risk assessment.

  • #6. Operational Guide

    You get handy operational documents that clearly illustrate bookkeeping, recruiting, relationship management, client retention, customer service and other components that will be vital to your ultimate success.

  • #7: Professional Opinions

    With access to professional opinions you’ll be better positioned to make informed decisions based on your individual requirements.

DCASSS Was Created to Help You Succeed in Today’s Market!

Domestic cleaning business guides are often misleading, outdated and irrelevant.
We’ve relied on our extensive industry experience to give you all the tools to start, run and grow your own successful home cleaning business right now.

Our system will save you valuable time and hard earned cash by providing you with in-depth information, experience from real business owners, editable templates and powerful social media marketing strategies.

In the past, successful domestic cleaners have been unwilling to help others and have kept their knowledge to themselves that or they have only made their knowledge available through heavily priced franchise packages.

We are changing that now. With DCASSS, you get:

  • An easy-to-read, easy-to-follow manual that reveals exactly what you need to do to start and run a profitable domestic cleaning business in today’s marketplace
  • Tried and tested marketing techniques that have been shown to work again and again start-up solution
  • All the templates you'll ever need to run your business optimally
  • Unlimited access to cutting-edge, up-to-date industry information
  • PLUS, you get all of this for a very affordable price!

Through DCASSS, Francene has helped me build my Cleaning Agency business over the past four years. Even until today, I know that I can still rely on her for support. So Thank you Francene for being there and for all the help you have given me over the years.

Sylvia Hyam, Essex

Fantastic Start-up pack that answered all my questions and then some. Amazing value for money! 


Glyn Shemwell, Southend

Just what we needed to start our business in a competitive area like London.Our company is still in the early stages of growth but we have been placed on the right path to grow. 

Olga Korchik, London

DCASSS Gives You the Foundation on Which You Can Fine-Tune Your Business.

You’ll learn how to manage your expectations against those of your clients to create a win-win situation for both of you.

A resounding theme throughout DCASSS is how to set the client at the center of your marketing strategy.

So instead of a quick-profit centered business (and there is profit to be made), DCASSS shows you how to develop long-term value that makes the process of attracting new clients easier.

Cleaning companies enter the market daily and competition can seem fierce, but you’ll be surprised at how much room there is for well-run cleaning service providers.

Here’s one more benefit of DCASSS – while clients have become more sophisticated in how they purchase cleaning services, DCASSS shows you how to become an innovative player in the marketplace.

We will show you how to use the latest technology to attract clients. You’ll also learn how to recruit and retain dependable cleaners, which are the most important challenges facing cleaning business owners today

What you get in DCASSS (Manual + Templates + Checklist + Start-up & Operational Guides + 3 BONUSES)

The Manual

  1. Getting Started
  2. Cleaning Business Industry Profile
  3. Starting a Cleaning Business isn’t enough
  4. The Unmet Need of the UK’s Domestic Cleaning Industry
  5. Exploring Domestic Cleaners Expectations
  6. Best Practices for Recruiting Quality Cleaners
  7. Using Trade Organisation to Set your Business Apart
  8. Exploring your Earning Potential
  9. Access Training and Skills for your Business
  10. Comparing Cleaning Business Models
  11. Ideas for Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service
  12. Who are your Clients?
  13. Factsheet 1: How to Arrange a CRB Check
  14. How to Price your Services • How to Brand your Business for Success
  15. The anatomy of an Effective Domestic Cleaning Service Website
  16. Choosing a Legal Structure for your Business
  17. Professional Opinion: Sole Trader vs. Limited Company
  18. Factsheet 2: Ltd Company. Vs. Sole Trader Status
  19. A-Z of Administration
  20. How to Set-Up Office
  21. Factsheet 3: Home Office vs. Commercial Premise
  22. A-Z of Finances
  23. Requirements to Set and Run your Business
  24. Factsheet 4: Health & Safety and Risk Assessment for Domestic Cleaning Business
  25. How to Manage Staff for Success
  26. Advertising your Cleaning Business
  27. When things go wrong
  28. Other Ways to grow your Business


  1. Convert Prospects into Customers: Marketing E-book for Cleaning Businesses
  2. Comprehensive Keyword research of the UK top 2 cleaning services showing their best performing keywords and even PPC ads.
  3. Exclusive Facebook Group.

Templates- Editable

  1. Cleaners application form
  2. Cleaners reference request
  3. Cleaners welcome hand-out
  4. Client booking form
  5. Confirmation letter to cleaners
  6. Confirmation letter to clients
  7. Invoice template
  8. Key security form
  9. Standing order form
  10. Terms for clients
  11. Terms for cleaners
  12. Workers earning form

Operational Forms/Scripts

  1. Client appointment booking flowchart
  2. Client database template
  3. Client FAQ sheet
  4. Major activity flowchart
  5. Managing daily information
  6. Regular cleaning checklist
  7. Send email guide
  8. Spring/deep cleaning checklist
  9. Welcome a cleaner


  1. 10 points pre-opening checklist
  2. Cleaning products and materials list

Business Start-up templates

  1. Calculate the agency fees
  2. Cleaners availability form
  3. Consultation process
  4. Email signature template
  5. Pricing worksheet
  6. Privacy policy
  7. Website planner template

Get the Information You Need to Start Your Own Domestic Cleaning Business WITHOUT Paying High Franchise Fees!

We are NOT a franchise and so you will own your business outright. There are no royalty fees, and we don't get involved in your business.

Instead, we just give you all the information and templates you need to succeed on your own. Only you won’t really be on your own as we operate an active community where you can interact with experts to get answers to particular issues you are facing and with other DCASSS buyers who will be eager to provide you with support and inspiration.

ONLY £77- Get DCASSS NowInstant Download directly on your Computer NOW!

BONUSES with all purchase of DCASSS


Get a spreadsheet of extensive keywords relevant for your search engine optimisation (SEO). Apart from SEO, you can also identify demand for cleaning services as well as to work our your market share. It also shows their best serving PPC ads.


Covering areas from SEO, Social Media marketing, Video marketing, Blogging and all the other digital marketing areas to get your started in the digital age with confidence.


Few things are more important than having others around who are in the same business as you are. Connect with our willing community who encourage you along the way.

Don’t try to start your domestic cleaning business without DCASSS – and don’t waste your hard-earned money on franchise fees!

We give you everything you need to succeed at a fraction of the cost of what the franchises charge – and our material is fresh and effective and not out-of-date like the other e-Books that you may find on the Internet. DCASSS shows you how to avoid common pitfalls and to set up your business for success.

With us, you will never feel alone, but because we aren't a franchise, you’ll have total control of your business - no strings attached!
Get on board today and see you on the other side!

Francene Mullings

Author of DCASSS & Business Coach.

P.S. Don't take chances with your domestic cleaning agency. Take control with DCASSS.

P.S.S. Get your system today and you could have your domestic cleaning business up and running within a month.

P.S.S.S We look forward to seeing you on the other side.

ONLY £77- Get DCASSS NowInstant Download directly on your Computer NOW!

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