5 Tips to recruit good quality cleaners for your business.

Once you have got the really hard work of getting your business up and running, if you want to expand, you are going to have to take on staff, and that is when the real work starts.  Taking on staff marks a whole new era for your company and to make sure that your business continues to grow, you need to recruit the right people and to do that. You need to follow a few simple rules.

  1. Be honest in your job adverts. With businesses such as home cleaning, the work is based on manual labour and you need to ensure that prospective employees understand exactly what is needed and the duties that will be expected of them.
  2. Think about using recruitment agencies. Going through a recognised recruitment agency takes a lot of the legwork out of finding new staff. They will have already sifted through CV’s and identified potential candidates that have a fairly high degree of suitability to your line of work, leaving you to consider the finer details such as their location and availability. While using an agency obviously carries a cost, the benefits of having CV’s already sorted, and a series of candidates on tap makes it highly advantageous.
  3. Get a second opinion. Once you have whittled the list of possible candidates down to a few likely, you need to do two things; sleep on it and look again the next day, and ask someone you trust and who knows your business. Being very close to the process may leave you blinkered so look to get a second opinion, just to check that your thinking is right.
  4. Recruit for marketing too. Ideally the people you hire will be able to grow with the company; you aren’t looking for people who will simply work, you are looking for ambassadors for your company, workers who will treat your company and its reputation as though it were their own, and help you take it to the next level.   If you hire people who don’t offer the service your customers expect, then you risk losing both your reputation and clients.
  5. Consider the skills you can’t teach. You will be able to teach new employees how to use cleaning equipment but you won’t be able to teach them social skills that are just as important such as core values, and a wiliness to work.   These are as important to you and your clients, and you’ll find that not everyone has them.

The Guide from DCASSS has plenty of other helpful tips when you are considering growing your business, and is the ideal way to plan building up your company.

Please share your own tips and insight below.

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